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May 14, 2019

Anxious beat radio is soon proud to present its first episode! This is a monthly Swedish broadcast from the Metro Detroit area that focuses on local talents. Each program will be a creation in itself and there will be no pre-determined form of structure. We don't care about the hype, just good music! First episode will be posted by the end of June, more to come! 

July 1, 2019

#01 - The Bassment Part I/Body Mechanic & The Cafeteria Lady


Anxious beat radio's first guests run an unequaled weekly (Sunday) and truly underground radio/tv show called The Bassment/Detroit Promo TV together with Ray7 and Sean "The Butcher" Tate. The show features both local and international guest dj's/producers and revolves round a variation of impeccable dance music with heavelectronic tendencies. 

A real and bangin' 2 hour treat, just as you thought the weekend was over...


In this first program, we get to do a quick dive into the world that is The Bassment.


The Bassment/Detroit Promo TV:


Live Detroit, MI Sundays 7-9pm (eastern time) 

Live Sverige Söndagar kl: 01.00-03.00



Tracklist during interview with DJ Bodymechanic & The Cafeteria Lady (selection and mix by The Anxious Beat):


Lightz - Jess Beatz

Cover Up - Detroit's Filthiest

Neuron Galaxy - J Shaw

Mila - Dj Roach/Ray 7

2 Sisters - Body Mechanic ft. Late Nite Crave

Do Better - John Collins

No Stoppin' - Alton Miller

TechnoPhobia - Jess Beatz

The After Shock - Sole Tech & Unknown Origin

Sunshine (Dj Skurge edit) - Bileebob

Peaceofmine - Body Mechanic

Jaguar (Jeff Mills mix) - Dj Rolando a.k.a. The Aztec Mystic

Round Tables - Folson & Tate

A Matter of Destruction (Reel by Real remix) - Sean Tate

100.000.000 Euro - B. Calloway



August 6, 2019


#2 - J Shaw

For the second program of the year I've invited Detroit producer, DJ and electro and techno bass connoisseur J Shaw to join me in the studio. We had a very interesting conversation about Detroit's electronic music scene, jit and escapism among other things. J Shaw is a producer to keep an eye on, his latest release, Shawescape Renegade - Escapism EP, testifies to just that. If you see it, grab it! Grab 2!


The music during the interview starts off with some classics, a few Detroit gems and so much more as J Shaw eventually leads us further down the rabbit's hole.

Tracklist during interview (selection and mix by The Anxious Beat):

Round and round (J Shaw remix) - B. Calloway

Armada (Dj Maaco remix) - Dj Di'jital

Alleys of your mind - Cybotron

Computer power - Jamie Jupiter

x2 - Electric Soul

Orbital clearing - J Shaw

Aqua worm hole - Drexciya

Satellites - Dopplereffekt 

Contro (wish we edit) - Prince

Down - Aaron Carl

Levels of space - J Shaw

Alienetec - J Shaw

Jit shit - Erotek and Club talk (Disco D remix) - Dj Zap

Timeline - Underground Resistance / Performed by Galaxy to Galaxy

The Freaks - Dj Deeon

Sex on the beach 2000 - Mr. De' feat. Greg C. Brown

Neuron galaxy - J Shaw

September 3, 2019

#4 Live Painting/Attic Session with techno artist Abdul Haqq & Dj mix by electro vanguard J Shaw

A very exciting program awaits..I had the pleasure to have both Detroit's own techno artist Abdul Haqq and Producer/Dj J Shaw over to the studio for a live "painting to music" session! This episode starts off with a brief interview/introduction of Abdul Haqq which eventually morphs into the mix that J Shaw provided skillfully during the painting session. Haqq, who is one of the most influential painters and artists in the electronic dance music community, outlines how his journey as a techno painter started as well as sharing his thoughts on what electronic dance music means to him. See the finished artwork on instagram @anxious_beat_radio.The Drexciyan Empire Lives!   















Third Earth Visual Arts:

Tracklist during introduction of Abdul Haqq (selection and mix by The Anxious Beat):

Hydrocubes -  Drexciya

Intro - Drexciya 

La' machine - Jess Beatz

Speak and spell - Dopplereffekt

Aquarazorda - Drexciya

Living on the edge - Drexciya 

Mystery world - Elecktroids

Black sea - Drexciya

September 28, 2019

Scan 7

The Anxious Beat (premiere on Retreat Radio)

Scan 7: Interview with Trackmasta Lou & Mr. Hooper and a bangin' live session!


The Anxious Beat had the most rare and exceptional opportunity to have one of Detroit's own legends and heavyweights of techno and electronic dance music in the studio. In this premiere program on Retreat Radio (Malmoe, Sweden's keepers of underground soundwaves) we have the honor to meet Trackmasta Lou and Mr. Hooper of Scan 7. You better sharpen your ears for this one, as the mythical techno collective reveals details on rare or never spoken on matters and subjects as well as outlining a chronological timeline of the group's formation back in the early 90's . Our conversation also touches on cultural and political aspects of the music industry, church, plans for the future and some personal thoughts on their new 3×LP album release Between Worlds on Deeptrax Records. 

To top that off, we also got a exclusive bangin' live session recorded just for The Anxious Beat. You can also check it out at

Tracklist during interview with Scan 7 (selection and mix by The Anxious Beat)



Sunday on Saturday - Scan 7

Elements - Psyche

No place like home - Scan 7

Vicious cycle - Scan 7 blend with XTC -D.J. Funk

The Start It Up - Joey Beltram (Claude Young remix) blend with Wavelength - NOS

Leave a message - Vice

Chuuch - Scan 7

A touch of jazz (Lifestyles of the rich mix) - Rhythm II Rhythm

No Enemy No Table - Scan 7

Inspirations from a small black church on the Eastside of Detroit - Moodymann

Don't you ever stop (Dub) - The Fibre Foundation

Fan Ta Cee - Norm Talley

You have the right (Original/Vocals by Blak Tony) - Scan 7

Central Nervous System - Los Hermanos

November 2, 2019

The Baroness - Interview & Dj mix

The Anxious Beat had the pleasure of having one of Detroit's most well kept secrets in the studio - The Baroness. Not only does she add yet more contours to the story of Detroit's electronic dance music community, she does so with an abundance of charm and an impressive ear for techno. The Anxious Beat got a sneak peek behind the veil and learned a little bit about her beginnings, her passion for photography, techno and dancing. Our conversation also touched upon the importance of Detroit's music history as well as some personal anecdotes from Detroit's (early-ish) clubs days, starting off in the 90's. The program takes off with a hot Detroit techno blend by The Baroness, eventually leading us further down the rabbit's hole.

Tracklist The Baroness mix set:

My Machines - Carl Craig

003 - Richie Hawtin

A matter of creation - Sean Tate

The Tresor track - Mike Huckaby

Yo soy nuestro futuro - Dj Roach

Retro Mix - Jeff Mills

Minimal response - 207737

The Rouge - Blak Tony

Red machine - Robert Hood

Psykofuk Mix 2 - Psykofuk

Man on the moon - Norm Talley

Space vision - Terrance Dixon

Beautiful darkness - J Shaw

Dominion - Octave One

Drive by force - Dillon Preach

Alleys of your mind - Cybotron

Tracklist during interview with The Baroness (selection and mix by The Anxious Beat)

The real Brooklyn bounce - Frankie Bones

On the floor - Dwayne Jensen

100% of Disin You (Armando's Dis remix) - Armando

Ghost miners (Fit remix/Ray 7 on percussion) - Jared Wilson

The struggle - Houz'Mon

Butterfly - The Lil Nick Cru feat. Parris Mitchell

Vertigo - K. Alexi Shelby

Superman - Robert Hood

Prizma - Etapp Kyle

At first light - Sysex

Death toll - Life after Mutation

Voyager (Mazzula remix) - Binary System

Rejuvenated Rhythm (Mix 2) - DreBrown

At first light (Version) - Sysex

November 30, 2019

Detroit in Effect - DJ Maaco & DJ P-Dog Interview/DJ Mix by DJ P-Dog a.k.a. The Turntable Bully

For the last show of the year, we get to enjoy an extra lengthy and juicy program with the ultimate party masters themselves...The Anxious Beat has the great pleasure of hosting the true legends of Detroit in Effect in the studio.

This session packs exclusive, never-before-told details about the tight knit duo as well as personal and vividly described stories about the early club days of Detroit, The Men You'll Never See, legendary mixtapes, The Motown Museum, anecdotes from the M.A.P. lounge and how Paul McCartney can prevent you from breaking furniture.

This month's program also has a mind bending, creative DJ Mix by monster skilled DJ P-Dog a.k.a. The Turntable Bully of D.I.E./M.A.P. Records which is gently sandwiched in between part I & part II of the interview.

BIG thanks to all my guests, my fam at 313Detroit Promo TV/The Bassment: and to everyone who tuned in this year! See you all again by the end of January 2020!

Tracklinst during interview with DJ Maaco & P-Dog (selection and mix by The Anxious Beat)

Alien Abduction - DJ Di'jital & DJ Lenn Swann

Nemisis - Keith Tucker

Data Transfer - Clarence G

Technicolor (long mix) - Channel One


Tronic Ghetto - Reckless Ron Cook

Racing all the time - Dj Overdose

Programming - D.I.E.

Dos - Big Daddy Rick

Intercourse - Body Mechanic

Body Mechanic - Quadrant Six

Tell me all about it (Remix) - P-Dog The Turntable Bully

Cause I Said It Right - Clarence G

Club Talk - Dj Zap

Let yo body rock - Cybonix

Boss Up - Dj Surgeon

Get Up - D.I.E.

Clarence G's Club - Clarence G

Aliens N Effect (Alien Nstrumental) - Dj Di'jital, Dj Maaco

Looking for the perfect beat - Afrika Bambaataa & SoulSonic Force

Got me movin' - Jay Denham

Techno Bass - Dynamix II

Activate your feet - Dj Maaco

Toxic TV - Lam

Git It - Git It (Beats) - Designated Hoodlums

The Men You'll Never See - D.I.E.

The Zoo (Detroit Zoo instrumental) - Mr. De

January 29th, 2020


Sean Tate a.k.a. The Butcher - Interview & DJ mix


For the first show of 2020, The Anxious Beat invited multi-talented and elusive DJ, producer, label head and Detroit Promo TV/The Bassment’s own Sean Tate a.k.a. The Butcher to the studio. Tate continues to lead us on the journey though Detroit’s past and present and there is no telling how deep the rabbit’s hole really is. The only way to find out is to let go and let yourself fall. You might just land on a silky smooth cocaine-white rug and if so, just remember to take your shoes off. Our conversation touched upon Tate’s beginnings as a DJ and producer, cabarets vs. the club, the significance of radio shows, the origin of hypemen and mc’s like Detroit’s Marvelous Marv and Henry Tyler and the philosophy behind Tate’s label RWYS - Remember Why You Started Records among other things. Tate also announced the upcoming tribute, vinyl only release, for much loved and missed Erotek a.k.a. Andray Brown/Check it out:


The show starts off with the menacing robotic acid track A.C.F.M. by Folsom & Tate, also heard in DJ Stingray’s electrifying set at last year’s Boiler Room Festival. Tate then takes over and starts the first part of his DJ mix with Theo Parrish’s beautiful track This is for you with Maurissa Rose. About 36 min in, Tate steps away from the turntables for a bit to answer some questions and once again, we get to experience more vivid stories from Detroit - the good, the bad and some of the stuff in between. Part two of Sean Tate’s DJ mix quickly transforms into one of those rare club nights...real deep and soulful and where one can be really free.


RWYS Soundcloud:


Detroit Promo TV/The Bassment Facebook:


Detroit Techno Records Bandcamp:

Tracklist during interview with Sean Tate (selection and mix by The Anxious Beat)

A.C.F.M - Folsom & Tate

Don't lead me - House Master Baldwin feat. Paris Grey

Forged - Trevino

Feel Free (Vibe Mix) - Black Ginger & The Funky Rican

Decoding Numbers - JessBeatz

D.I.E. - The Men You'll Never See (Adult. Mix)

EDMX - Mo Money (Instrumental)

12 Tech Mob - Hood Rat

DJ Assault - Bangin' The Beat

Sean Tate - A Matter of Destruction (Bassment Mix)

Gigi Galaxy - Lips So Sweet (Dub Mix)

DJ Discipline - On The Down Low

Sean Tate - A Matter of Creation (Sunlight Mix)

The Other People Place - Eye Contact

Scott Grooves - Hybrib Part: DENEB

February 29th, 20202 

The A.M.  - Interview and DJ Mix 

For the second show of the year The Anxious Beat invited rave veteran, electro/techno appreciator and classically trained violinist The A.M. to the studio. This episode starts off with Ann-Marie’s perhaps first serious encounter with music—a journey which begins when she hears classical violin for the first time at a very early age, to years later when she discovered house music by listening to Detroit radio station WJLB late at night, accompanied by her younger sister, multitalented writer, host and DJ of Underground & Black blog and NTS show, Ash Lauryn. 


Taking a bit of a different route than her sister, The A.M. has come to favor the darker, harder category of electronic music, Detroit electro and techno being her preferred weapon of choice. Frequently attending parties and underground raves throughout the years undeniably shaped the ears of The A.M., providing her mixes with that unique Detroit funk, hard-hitting no-bullshit aesthetic. Our conversation also touched on finding a sense of home in the rave scene, overcoming fears and insecurities, the lack of division in the dance community in the past compared to today, Movement Festival (DEMF), losing younger siblings at massive underground parties and embracing your darker side, and much more. The A.M. takes over the second part of the program, showing us just how dark, deep and bottomless the rabbit hole really is.


(The A.M. correction: The after hours club mentioned as Half Past Three in the interview was in fact called Better Days)

The A.M. Soundcloud:

Tracklist during interview with The A.M. (selection and mix by The Anxious Beat)

DynArec - Handover


Silicon - G.I.T.M


D.I.E - My House


DJ Assault - Kilabitchstremental


Phuture - Your Only Friend


Pacou - Incitement


Traxx ft. Legowelt - MTT Inversion


Wired - To The Beat Of The Drum (Crash Version)


Street Corner Symphony - Symphomanic (Jazz Mix)


Preslav - Driver


Scan 7 - So B It


DJ Assault - Say What?


Silicon - Worms


Betonkust & Innershades - Mercy Like


Cem3340 - The C.E.P Riot


DJ Di’jital - Bang


Disco D - Searching

March 28th, 2020

DJ Roach - Interview and DJ Mix 

These are anxious times indeed..and for the first time, this month's guest did not make it over to the studio... Fortunately not due to any virus related issues but just because time, as always, is one big ungenerous pimp. For the third show of the year The Anxious Beat had the pleasure of interviewing Southwest Detroit's own DJ Roach (Raul Rocha also known as DJ Roach 313) - DJ, producer, founder of Nuestro Futuro Records together with Ray 7 (Raphael Merriweathers Jr. from UR also known as 051, The Beat Mechanic, M.I.A. and The Unknown Soilder) and driven originator of the annual local Detroit party - Tec Troit Electronic Music Festival.


The show starts off with castanets crackling in the heavy and infectious track Remember Where You Came From (Remember Your Culture) by DJ Roach and Ray 7's synergetic rhythm duo called NF-2. Roach starts his story at his childhood home, his father being a musician and how he was surrounded by music and instruments from an early age. We also get to learn about the life changing experience of seeing The Wizard perform behind 4 decks at The Stratford Theater back in 1985, getting into DJing along with his brother in 1988, latin freestyle and the beginnings of Tec Troit among many other things. Last but not least we get to let loose and rid all quarantine bullshit to DJ Roach's master skill techno and acid drippin' DJ Mix. (Photo by Marie Staggat)


Tracklist DJ Roach

Dj Roach (Nuestro Futuro Records)- The Wire

Rebecca Goldberg (Cryovac Recordings)- Augmented Reality 

Yanu (Direct Beat)- Mental Mekanic

Adam Jay (Midwest Mix)- Domestic Disturbances 

Rebecca Goldberg (Cryovac Recordings)- Panopticon

Dj Roach- Test Press

A. Garcia & M. Kretsch ( Cryovac Recordings)- Starrtsrack

Flatner & Ingram Project ( Black Nation Records)- Da Comin’

A. Garcia & M. Kretsch (Cryovac Recordings)- Snow Dogs Revenge

Flatner & Ingram Project (Black Nation Records)- Black Alligator 

Dj Roach (Nuestro Futuro Records)- Revolucion 

Unknown Black Label

Rob Hood (Tresor)- Quartz

Symmetrical (Nuestro Futuro Records)- Asi Es El Mambo

Xavier De Enciso (Yaxteq)- Long Distance

Dillon Preech- System Destroyer

Xavier De Enciso (Yaxteq)- Side A Track 1

Esteban Adame (Subject Detroit)- Guaguanco

Xavier de Enciso (Yaxteq)- Side A Track 2

Dahraxt (JL Series)- NBS2-19 Remix

The Manager (Psycho Thrill)- Psycho Thrill Robots_Elec Pt.1 BNKR Mix

Roland Casper- Naked (Woody Mc Bride Remix

Kimyon Higgins (Cryovac Recordings)- I Am The..

The Martian (Red Planet)- Particle Shower

Los Hermanos- My Mother’s Guitarra

Dj Roach (Cryovac Recordings)- People Mover